We are a shoe shine sneaker laundry service.
We serve you by making your shoes clean and fresh, because we believe that
keeping your shoes clean is more than what it seems to be. It is your attitude
towards life – that you take care of the finest details in life. Leave the dirty
work to the experts, let us take care of your shoes.
What we offer is to make you walk every step with pride, because at the end
of the day, it is the small steps that would lead to the big success in life.


We would like to see shoe shining more as part of a lifestyle rather than a treat
once in awhile. We truly believe by looking after your shoes, better and more
often, it will improve your shoes’ lifetime.
We are trying hard to keep the English tradition going and teach the younger
generation to look after their shoes.
Our team of professionals are making sure our standards meet the criteria of
our clients.

  • Shoe Shining
  • Deodorising
  • Pick up and Delivery Services

For estimate requests and further inquiries, please contact:
+852 9722 1350

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